Funeral Tributes and Sympathy

Flowers can express so much at a time when it is often difficult to find the right words. Flowers and Daughters provide a very personal service to help you choose arrangements which reflect your love, appreciation or esteem for an individual who has been important in your life. We try to create tributes which express your feelings whilst reflecting people's tastes and personality so that each floral piece is a unique and appropriate remembrance.

For this reason we don't have a pattern book with set designs but try to interpret traditional arrangements in a personal way. We use fresh, inspiring flowers and natural materials and try to avoid the ubiquitous chrysanthemum unless they enhance the design. We also liaise with funeral directors so we can decorate coffins with beautifully draped flowers and foliage.

We hope we can provide you with a sensitive and thoughtful service to support you in choosing flower arrangements which make a fitting tribute.